SoBigData proposes to create the Social Mining & Big Data Ecosystem: a research infrastructure (RI) providing an integrated ecosystem for ethic-sensitive scientific discoveries and advanced applications of social data mining on the various dimensions of social life, as recorded by “big data”. Building on several established national infrastructures, SoBigData will open up new research avenues in multiple research fields, including mathematics, ICT, and human, social and economic sciences, by enabling easy comparison, re-use and integration of state-of-the-art big social data, methods, and services, into new research.


SoBigData is the European Research Infrastructure for Big Data and Social Mining. For more details about the EU Project you can visit the Project Site.


Building the Research Infrastructure

Integrate key national infrastructures and centres of excellence at European level in big data analytics and social mining to create a networked and virtual ecosystem.
Enable cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary social mining experiments with the Research Infrastructure assets: big data sets, analytical tools, services and skills.
Grant access (both virtual and trans-national on-site) to the SoBigData Research Infrastructure to multidisciplinary scientists, innovators, public bodies, citizen organizations, SMEs, as well as data science students at any level of education.


Three main actions

Community Building

The research community uses the SoBigData RI facilities as a “secure digital wind-tunnel” for large-scale social data analysis and simulation experiments. Collaboration, dissemination and training are key factors to create a community for accelerating innovation.

Social Mining Research Infrastructure

SoBigData serves the wide cross-disciplinary community of data scientists, i.e., researchers studying all aspects of societal complexity from a data- and model-driven perspective, including data and text miners, visual analytics researchers, socio-economic scientists, network scientists, political scientists, humanities researchers, and more.

Impact on Society

The Research Infrastructure provides the common ground for numerous H2020 projects aimed at tackling societal challenges like demographic change and well-being; secure, clean, efficient and integrated transport; Europe in the changing world; digital human.


The SoBigData consortium consists of 12 partners from 6 member countries of the European Union (Italy, UK, Germany, Estonia, Finland, The Netherlands) and Switzerland.

NetSci 2016 - International School and Conference on Network Science

Seoul, South Korea
NetSci 2016

Lipari Summer School on Computational Complex and Social Systems

Lipari Island, Italy
Lipari School on Computational Complex and Social Systems

This summer school will provide opportunities to collect experience with modern data analysis, in particular Big Data analytics. This includes subjects such as how to mine data in the Internet and data of Social Media. Our main and special guest lectures will address the scope focusing on algorithms, computational models and practical results on this field.

1st International SoBigData Workshop


The aim of the workshop is to bring together communities involved in different aspects of Social Big Data research: researchers, policy makers, data provider, data scientists, etc. to present societal challenges and discuss potential big data solutions as they are currently developed in SoBigData.

Thematic Clusters

Text and Social Media Mining

Models and algorithms for natural processing language, mining social media, information extraction, ontology-based semantic annotation. 

Social Network Analysis

Develop and maintain methods and algorithms covering all the major research topics in  social networks, community discovery, evolutionary analysis.

Human Mobility Analytics

Methods for mobility analytics, pre-processing and cleaning tools, integration of diverse mobility observations, advanced mobility data mining 

Web Analytics

The design of new models and tools for understanding user behaviour for improving the users’ web experience.


Visual Analytics

Semantics visualization and real-time solutions for the simulation, visualization and rendering of data

Social Data

Intersection of natural, social and engineering sciences to address the challenges that social data generate

Access To Infrastructure

SoBigData supports trans-national access of researchers to data centres, tools and guidance, and the creation of new web-based, virtual access services, based on common interfaces to data repositories, reference data sets, and innovative big data analytics methods.

Virtual Access

On-line access for offering services for big data and social mining research. Virtual Access will be available from September 2016.


Transnational Access

On-site access for offering world-leading research expertise from multiple disciplines. Transnational Access will be available from September 2016.


The aim is to investigate how transfer of knowledge and in particular debates from the government domain into social and other other new media takes place, how the chains of reasoning evolve and how particular emotional and other effects are caused.

The SoBigData Business and Economics Superstory will leverage micro-scale social data in order to shed light into the macro-scale business and economic processes at multiple levels. 

This exploratory produces a comprehensive set of analyses able to produce an overview of the city and the people living in it.


The aim of the training events is to establish a unique, joint training and education resource centre on social big data in the European research area.


SoBigData Datathons are designed to bring together computer programmers, storytellers, graphics designers and statisticians.


Summer Schools

SoBigData Summer Schools are aimed at preparing the best PhDs in science and engineering to work as data scientists.


Training Courses

SoBigData Training Courses are tailored specifically for high-school students and promoting the role of data scientists.



The aim of dissemination events is to take concrete steps towards establishing the SoBigData community. The second focus of our dissemination work is to coordinate on innovation activities, in order to increase the participation of industry partners and to develop a long-term sustainability strategy for the project.


SoBigData Workshops aimed at both the academic and industrial sectors for attracting researchers and new stakeloders.



SoBigData Conferences for promoting the research infrastructure and enable the growth of the SoBigDatcommunity with new research labs and scientists.


Contact us

In order to get in touch you can contact the project coordinator


CNR via G. Moruzzi 1 56124 Pisa, Italy