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Research Spaces

The scientific SoBigData collaboration operates in specific research topics aimed to apply the data science to the real world. 


Demography, Economy and Finance 2.0 Exploring changes and correlations in people’s and companies’ behavior

Disaster Response and Recovery

Disaster Response and Recovery Environmental health, reconstruction


Health Studies Network Medicine, sports data science, food analytics

Pervasive Intelligence

Pervasive Intelligence in Cyber-Physical Systems for Future Society Cyber-physical systems, human-centric AI, IoT and edge devices


Social Impact of AI and explainable ML Tracking changes from human coding to algorithms automatically learning to solve tasks


Societal and Industrial Impact of Next-Generation Internet & beyond 5G Networks 5/6G networks, next-generation Internet, beyond 5G Networks


Societal Debates and Misinformation How do people discuss on online social networks? Which users take part in the political debate and how?


Sustainable Cities for Citizens Stories about cities and their flows’ sustainability