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SoBigData Event

Colorful Seminars series: Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion

1° Seminar

Various Artificial Intelligence Applications in Data Science

Speaker: Nagehan Ilhan

Wednesday, June 28 2023, at 2:00 PM CET

Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa - Sala Seminari Ovest

Register in advance for this webinar: Microsoft Teams Link

In this talk, I present diverse applications of data science in various fields. I highlight key areas such as text mining in social media, recommender systems in e-commerce, influential node prediction in complex networks, solar radiation prediction, and groundwater contamination prediction in environmental engineering.


Text mining techniques have been utilized to extract insights from social media data, enabling sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and trend detection. Recommender systems have revolutionized e-commerce by providing personalized product recommendations based on user preferences and historical data. In complex networks, data scientists predict influential nodes to understand information diffusion patterns and optimize network performance. Solar radiation prediction models leverage historical weather data to forecast solar energy production, aiding in efficient energy management. Data mining plays a crucial role in environmental engineering, particularly in predicting groundwater contamination. By analyzing various parameters, data scientists develop models to assess groundwater quality, identify pollution sources, and inform prevention strategies. These applications showcase the versatility and impact of data science across multiple domains, driving innovation and decision-making through advanced techniques and data-driven insights.


The "Colorful Seminars: Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion" is an initiative of UNIPI to increase the representativeness of diverse groups and bridge the equity gap between underrepresented and marginalized communities.   
International experts belonging to different communities will be invited to hold seminars on the topics covered by the project to promote more diverse and inclusive participation in computer and data science events.   
The seminars will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science (also with streaming) or will be held exclusively online.