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SoBigData Event

Colorful Seminar Series: News and Emotions - 4° Seminar


Speaker: Alberte Sofia Coln Howitz - Københavns Universitet (University of Copenhagen)



In today's digital age, recommendation systems, or RecSys, are vital for enhancing user satisfaction by suggesting personalized content. Despite the benefits, RecSys face challenges like security, fairness, and societal impact. 

Addressing these issues is crucial for accurate results. This seminar is based on an ongoing project integrating emotion analysis into a news recommendation system for users, ultimately increasing engagement and satisfaction.

Link for the online streaming:



The "Colorful Seminars: Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion" is an initiative of UNIPI to increase the representativeness of diverse groups and bridge the equity gap between underrepresented and marginalized communities.   
International experts belonging to different communities will be invited to hold seminars on the topics covered by the project to promote more diverse and inclusive participation in computer and data science events.   
The seminars will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science (also with streaming) or will be held exclusively online.