European Parliament Adopts Resolution on Big Data

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European Parliament Adopts Resolution on Big Data

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution on the fundamental rights implications of big data. The resolution stresses that "the prospects and opportunities of big data" can only be realized "when public trust in these technologies is ensured by a strong enforcement of fundamental rights and compliance with current EU data protection law." The resolution discusses the importance of data protection, accountability, transparency, data security, and privacy by design.  More info

In this context, the SoBigData member and expert of Ethics and Privacy, Professor Jeroen van den Hoven has been invited by the European Commissionto to join the European Expert Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies.  He will be one of the 15 high-calibre members who will advise the Commission on all areas of policy where ethical, societal and fundamental rights issues intersect with the development of science and new technologies. 

For more info please visit the TuDelft page andf the European Commission page.



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