Data Science for Society

Data Science for Society

A very interesting conference has been organized by SoBigData member, Professor Paolo Ferragina, within the Festival of Robotics that took place in Pisa in Sept 8 2017. The conference has been attended by two speakers:

Massimiliano Ciaramita, Google, and

Michael May, Siemens,

who talked about new frontiers of study on the Search Engines and on Industry 4.0.

The workshop was divided into 4 sessions:

Data Science @ SoBigData, in which young researchers of SoBigData presented some scientific results obtained in the EU SoBigData project;

Start-up stories on data-driven innovation, in which some startups talked about the use of Big Data in sport and wellbeing;

Tuscan Big Data Challenge, in which SoBigData people presented the results of some industrial collaborations held in 2016 and launched the edition 2017/2018 of the Challenge;

Responsible data science and health care systems, in which SoBigData people talked about ethics and data use with a particular focus on health data.

Full program here:

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