Computational Thinking: from algorithms to coding - Presentation of the book by Paolo Ferragina and Fabrizio Luccio

On November the 10th, at 3 pm, Professors Paolo Ferragina and Fabrizio Luccio will present the book "The Computational Thinking: from algorithms to coding" at the Pisa Book Festival.

The main purpose of this text is to introduce readers to the comprehension and design of algorithms that solve problems coming from different fields of science and technology and which are very important today. Informations are simple and comprehensible to anyone with elementary mathematical knowledge, but at the same time with an indispensable rigor. During the discussion, however, there are also arithmetic notions that are particularly relevant for the construction of algorithms.

The book is divided into independent chapters that can be read separately, leaving the reader the freedom to choose the topics he or she prefers. Only in four cases, elegant and useful but more challenging kit arguments have been reported in asterisks, indicating that they can be overlooked without overcoming the rest of learning. In addition, readers interested in executing the algorithms on a computer may examine their operation and perhaps try to build their own programs.

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