Big Data can be useful also in navigation.

We interviewed Alessandro Dedominicis, Big Data Director at Navionics.

Navionics one of the biggest italian telematics and marine cartography companies and collaborates with the University of Pisa and the SoBigData Master. “A couple of years ago, almost accidentally, we realized that we had collected millions of data describing the behavior of our users” says Dedominicis. Dedominicis tells the history of Navionics in the last two years, since the Big Data adventure began, and today.

Navionics started analyzing this data like a startup: “Thanks to the support of University of Pisa, we started analyzing data and testing ideas. We began to understand that our users have different interests: some of them are sailors, others are fishermen, cruisers or kayakers”. By knowing users, Navionics can now offer them better services and informations.

Dedominicis explains also the next steps: “We handle cartographic data. We began from the sea, where we have some big projects, but we want to use Big Data also on outdoor market, for example in biking”.

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