SoBigData RI manages vertical, thematic environments, called exploratories, on top of the SoBigData infrastructures, for performing cross-disciplinary social mining research. The definition and usage of exploratories promote the effectiveness and usability of the research infrastructure. Exploratories provide the scientific context and research themes promoting Virtual and Transnational Access. 

This exploratory tells stories about cities and people living in it.  We describe those territories by means of data, statistics and models.

Can Big Data help us to understand relationships between economy and daily life habits? We use data of purchases in supermarkets and investigate people’s behavior

We study public debates on social media and newspaper. We can identify themes, following the discussions around them and tracking them through time and space.

Could Big Data help to understand the migration phenomenon? We try to answer to some questions about migrations in Europe and in the world.

This exploratory tells stories about sports analytics. Sports data scientists describe performances by means of data, statistics and models. This allows coaches, fans and practitioners to better understand and boost sports performance.

Unveiling the patterns of success in sports